Shedding Skin


I felt like deleting my older Facebook today, so I could fully transition to a new one. It’s like when a snake molts, one needs to rid of excess to grow. It’s time to commit to growth.

A lot has happened in January and February. I fell into infatuation and connected to someone I felt on the same wavelength with. Unfortunately it didn’t work out. There were some deal-breakers and I decided to move forward, why deny both of us long-term happiness? So that experience ended and I learned so much.

Then a few weeks ago I almost died and for some reason I didn’t. It’s the second time in my life that I’ve nearly died and I don’t believe in coincidences. For awhile I needed to take inventory in my life. It’s a scary thing, living. I threw up and felt violently ill the next day. I really felt like my mind, body, and spirit was committing to a system reset. It felt awful.

And then I felt better. And I promised myself that I would commit to living. So I’m shedding pieces of myself. Pieces of my identity.

I am rebuilding. I am responding. I am re-living.

Films I recommend: Crimson Peak, Steve Jobs, and Bridge of Spies.

More Films I recommend: Wild, Chef, and Speed Racer (I LOVE SPEED RACER).

Currently listening to: Steve Jobs (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Facebook pages I dig: OUTER HÆVEN, Pride Home, and Chef Stef




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